Placeholder picture clues at Metro style Hotmail upgrade

A placeholder picture in a Microsoft login screen recommends that another search for Hotmail could be headed.


With Windows 8 numerous parts of the Microsoft encounter are getting a Metro style makeover, and it would seem that that may very well incorporate Hotmail also. LiveSide has posted a picture of another Microsoft account login screen, which indicates what could be another search for the organization’s email benefit. It’s difficult to assemble much from the little screen capture, however it shows what gives off an impression of being a more streamlined interface that looks a lot not the same as the current Hotmail and more likened to the Windows 8 mail application. Obviously, this could simply be a placeholder picture, so we don’t without a doubt whether it’s delegate of the following enormous Hotmail update — we’ll need to hold up until the point that it in the end dispatches to know one way or the other.

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