Hotmail has Bigger Hurdles than Just Lack of Features 

Microsoft has been playing a fairly intriguing diversion of late as to where you will discover a portion of its administrations and projects.
On Facebook you will find that Messenger is a standout amongst the most well known applications. Bing has discovered its direction onto iOS by means of the iPhone and iPad, and now you can get a Hotmail email application for Android.
Likewise, we are seeing a steady stream of enhancements for projects, both new and old, as Microsoft proceeds to re-picture itself.
The most recent administration slated to be enhanced is Hotmail, and in a meeting with WinRumors a week ago Mark West from Microsoft had this to say in regards to Hotmail:
« We extremely sort of lost our direction a smidgen, » [… ] « Gmail turned out, they were doing some incredible stuff particularly around capacity and they were truly being exceptionally troublesome and got a dreadful parcel of footing off the back of that. » 
Try not to misunderstand me, this is extraordinary news. I adore the way that Microsoft is recovering its magic and that Hotmail is at last getting the genuine consideration it needs, anyway it isn’t only the absence of highlights that is the most serious issue confronting Hotmail.
The greatest obstacle confronting Hotmail going ahead: Its name.
Hotmail is an extraordinary name in of itself, rather it is the relationship of it with the Microsoft of old, the detestable domain, the spirit crusher from Redmond. It likewise doesn’t help that Hotmail has been synonymous for a considerable length of time with spam and malware.
As Matthew O’Day, Hotmail Program Manager, wrote in an ongoing blog entry:
In the meantime, we comprehend that there’s as yet an observation that Hotmail is moderate, malicious, lacking on capacity – basically obsolete. 
We took a gander at that as a test. Why not go well beyond to settle the torment focuses as well as make an inbox that feels like a genuine overhaul contrasted with the others out there? 
It is one thing to direct some life into Hotmail and make it a genuine current web email customer that can give Gmail a keep running for the cash, yet that is a long ways from making it cool. It will be a whole deal to make a Hotmail account an email address that isn’t utilized as a cast off rather than an essential contact point. Highlight enhancement is a decent beginning stage, yet Hotmail additionally needs an entire PR makeover. That will doubtlessly be the bigger test as Hotmail endeavors to contend with Gmail.

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