Hotmail will stop using the DAV protocol beginning September 1


Microsoft has announced that since September 1 of this year, you will no longer be able to access Hotmail through the DAV protocol (also known as WebDAV). The explanation they give is that the protocol is almost outdated and inefficient to synchronize large amounts of messages. Also, with the addition of support for POP3 in free Hotmail accounts, the use of WebDAV becomes unnecessary.
The suspension of the service through the DAV protocol was actually scheduled for almost a year (on June 30, 2008), but for unknown reasons, it was delayed until 1 June. 9.

What does this mean in practice? That means those who still use the DAV protocol to check their Hotmail account in Entourage, Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook Express will stop receiving emails in those applications from the date they are assigned, if they do not do anything. about it. To prevent that from happening, Microsoft recommends performing one of the following actions.

Outlook Express users are advised to upgrade to Windows Live Mail (something very reasonable if we think Outlook Express is one of the applications that should have retired a few years ago). In addition, Microsoft Outlook users who still check their Hotmail email using the DAV protocol should download the Outlook Connector extension, which will allow them to synchronize not just email, but also contact lists. system and calendar.

In many cases, people using Entourage in Mac OS X will have to change the options of this application to read Hotmail messages using the POP3 protocol. Although setting up Hotmail in another reader, such as Apple Mail, is a valid solution.

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